New year's resolutions

Well, it's the first, that time when we look back on the year, and what we've learned, and look forward to the next, and what we're likely to keep messing up. One thing I learned in 2007 was that it is easy to make a resolution which has little reasonable chance of success. On June 1, 2007, I made two "half-year" resolutions, to be completed by the end of 2007:

  • Make one million dollars.
  • Have two children.

I received quite a bit of advice on how to accomplish these tasks. Most useful was Dave's suggestion toward the end of the year that if I was to make the million bucks first, it would be easy to marry a single woman with two kids. This is somewhat cheating because I assumed that the children would be my own offspring.

Unfortunately, I did not quite accomplish my goals this past year. But, learning from my mistake, and taking advantage of the fact that I have this time a full 366 days in which to accomplish my tasks, I have decided that in 2008 I should reasonably be able to accomplish the following:

  • Make two million dollars.
  • Have three children.

The children's names will be Milo, Otis, and Glumdalclitch. The millions will be Benjamins.

4 Responses to “New year's resolutions”

  1. John the Statistician John the Statistician Says:

    Dude, have some ambition: go for the Euros!

  2. Debbi Debbi Says:

    Excellent choice of names Kevin.

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  4. Petrus Petrus Says:

    I don't go by year. I am more fluid in my goal-setting and follow a more step-by-step apcpaorh. Also, a lot of my schedule goes around the kids and the school year, so 2013 starts in September for me My goal is to finish another book now that Don't Judge is out, finish the short story Horarium (writer's block on that), compile another blog ebook for 2012, and possibly start a class in the fall. Gah! That looks huge when I write it down but it's not unreasonable.

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