For sale

A month ago I was amused by the following ad in the Calgary BuySell:

Saxifone ,brand new in box, never used, Alto brand, $600 obo

I guess the seller realized they made a mistake when no one made any offers. So today they have issued a new advertisement.

Saxaphone, brand new in box, nvr used, Alto brand, $600 obo.

(July 10) Update: They are starting to get desperate.

SAXAPHONE, BRAND NEW IN hard case, nvr used, Alto brand, $350.00.

7 Responses to “For sale”

  1. John the Statistician John the Statistician Says:

    Which is completely unlike the sex-o-phone Kev used to keep when we were in the dorms.

    What, like he'd tell you that?

  2. Karen Karen Says:

    Are you serious? That seems pretty weird, even for Kevin.

  3. John the Statistician John the Statistician Says:

    It's college, you know? Wild times!

  4. Karen Karen Says:

    Haha, so I've heard! I never have any college stories that compare to Kevin's.

  5. Kevin Kevin Says:

    What archives?

  6. Julio Diggins Julio Diggins Says:

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