The winning boat design

Canoe plans

So here's the next boat I am going to build. It's a tandem canoe from JEM Watercraft. I decided to go with someone else's design to learn a bit about building something on this scale, and in the hopes that the entire process will go quickly. This needs to get done before the end of summer. I chose this particular one for the following reasons:

  • It's stitch-and-glue plywood construction – meaning you basically cut out the plywood panels, fix them together and wrap the whole thing in fiberglass. One of the quickest ways to make a boat.
  • The geometry is fairly pleasing for a stich-and-glue boat. I wanted some tumblehome, and it's here.
  • The designers included estimates of time and costs on their website, which made it easier to see what I was getting myself into.
  • It's called the Merrimac! (I'm from Missouri.)

So that's that. There is still much to do.

  • Get a vehicle for moving plywood and/or boats around.
  • Get Canadian driver's license, registration, and insurance for said vehicle.
  • Get all the necessary tools and supplies.
  • Build the thing.
  • Find someone to go floating with!

I'll keep you posted.

PS – I built the paper model from a thesis draft in about an hour. I expect the real boat to take a bit longer – maybe two hours??

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